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I drink soda with my chocolate. Do other people do that? Is that weird?

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These are my Haribo Mini Gummy Bears!!!

1. They come in extremely cute, tiny bags of 8 mini bears in a bag. They’re kawaii and good for portion sizing.

2. They are 1/2 the size of normal Haribo gummy bears. They are soooo cute.

I’m in love.

Oh my god!!!! I got my mini Haribo gummy bears. Pictures will be up later.

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My mini gummy bears I ordered are coming tomorrow and I’m super excited!!!

I’m looking up the prices on different kinds of gummy bears. What is my life?

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I Don’t Get The Use Of White Chocolate…

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Pee-wee Herman and Regis robbed a candy store!

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Pee-wee Herman and Regis robbed a candy store!