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gotbucky You’re obviously an alcoholic because of Mike’s Hard. They are really good though so I  can kind of see where he’s coming from lololol. I could drink like 6 at one time. 

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malicemarionette This is silly, it’s like the abstinence argument but with alcohol. If they pretend we don’t do drink and don’t see alcohol, then they can pretend in parent lala land somewhere that we’re all sober adults for no reason.

My mother found my secret stash of alcohol because the rule in the house is that I cannot have alcohol in the house or drink in the house.  That is so annoying. So by her logic my mother would rather have me and my friends drink in other places so we have to drive to get back and we won’t know as many people there. That is totally safer you know. In her mind, she is hoping I won’t drink at all which isn’t realistic. I’m 22 and I’m not an addict. I’m gonna drink where I want to just the risk to myself and others will be significantly higher outside my house but fuck logic lol. It is her rules so I just have to hide the alcohol better but I feel like I’m 16. Whatever.

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I’m turning 21 in like 2 weeks and like there is such pressure to drink but like I honestly don’t care. I really don’t drink anymore and people will be basically forcing shots down my throat and I can’t refuse or I look like an ass. Becoming 21 as a straightedge person must be really hard, I stand in solidarity with you bros and broettes.

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That’s so bad haha

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That’s so bad haha

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