I'm awkward but I think nice too. Ask me fun things if you want. Stay classy.
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My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro

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Rebecca ShapiroElementary My Dear

Rebecca Shapiro
Elementary My Dear

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That Puscifer Cover Was Cute But I Don’t Like Country…

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  • World Up My Ass
World Up My Ass by Circle Jerks

Punk Wednesday:

World Up My Ass by The Circle Jerks

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My Little Kony

My Little Kony

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A Tour Of My Room

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Sexiest man of all time…

Sexiest man of all time…

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My Pubic Hair…

It’s really curly. Like curlier than any pubes I’ve ever seen, porn or real life. In the shower, I I usually twirl it around my fingers. I have no idea if this is a turn on or turn off. I feel like if a girl sucked my dick, she could play with my pubes too. I think they’re fun. 

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