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I get the want to have bisexual role models and figures in society. I truly do but like when you label historical figures as bisexual just because they had relationships with men and women, you are helping take away the agency of those people in the past and many people currently. You can be straight or gay and had relationships with other genders. Sexuality is fluid. It doesn’t make you bisexual to have been in relationships with men and women but if you want to identify as bi you can. This applies to historical figures as well. The only way you can label someone bisexual is if they call themselves bisexual from their own lips. Anything else and you are mislabeling people and erasing their identities, which we as bi people know all too well so please stop doing that.

I haven’t showered 2 days in a row and I don’t care about cleanliness that much but my routine is being taken over by homework and field work. That is not good. What else am I going to give up for social work? 

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I have a cold so I was just sneezing and swallowing loudly today in class where this girl in front of me I who I think was flirting with me before just gave me that ugh look. Smooth.

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I’m finding the most unique communities here on Tumblr like it’s really cool to find connections I didn’t think existed before.

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fuckyeahbiguys followed me back. Bi guy love and solidarity over here woooooo. 

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My blog layout and content make me look like an asshole but I don’t care. Maybe I am but like I’m a good person so whatever.

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I get annoyed by fellow Social Justice people (usually White people) who try so hard to be good at Social Justice. No matter how good you are at being an SJW, oppression still exists and will continue to exist. Support marginalized populations but be a genuine person. 

One thing I love about the Jewish Bible is the Jewish interpretation that God made the Jews walk in the desert for 40 years after the Exodus from Egypt so that the old generation born in bondage could get old and die and new generations could be born that were free. It shows that rabbis understand the importance of socialization and that kind of shows that an oppressed people can get out of oppression and move away from toxic internalized ideologies. That gives me hope kind of.

I’m so glad it is getting cold and dark because of Fall. I am totally in my element. Everybody gets all fat and hairy like me at this time. It’s just nice. I am content.

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ambedo requested a picture of my face so here it is :)

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ambedo requested a picture of my face so here it is :)

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