My Twisted Gray Heart

I need to do body positivity my own way like today I like my body kind of but other days I don’t and that’s ok. I don’t need to be saved or made to feel better. This is who I am and I’m ok.

I like my hair because it’s Spring so it naturally gets poofier. Also armpit hair.

I like my hair because it’s Spring so it naturally gets poofier. Also armpit hair.

Swimming in feminism for the past two years, I honestly don’t know how to compliment someone’s appearance anymore so I don’t which I think could be more positive than not but still. Am I supposed to be like you are subjectively attractive to me and I can only talk for myself but I find you very nice looking?

Like I had a plan: watch Seinfeld then Walking Dead then start homework but like I just have the Seinfeld show tab open and haven’t watched it in like 3 hours ughhhhhh.

Whatever I give up, I tried to change things at this school but I’m moving on. Good riddance.

This whole Jewish  community center thing is making me rethink my Judaism a lot. Even though I don’t do the religion much anymore like my last name does make me a target for that kind of anti-semitism. That is horrifying. I’m just ranting sorry.

I need to vent to someone but all my friends are either involved in the drama or not queer and I could possibly out myself ugh.

It’s so satisfying when other activists tell you your feminist organization name that you created is the greatest name they have ever heard like yes activist approval!!!

I hate getting crushes because I’m supposed to be like this stoic, funny, scheming social justicey person but nope all of that crumbles and I’m just like psfuobhgiub. I don’t like that loss of control AT ALL.

I thought leaving this college would be hard but beyond the few friends and the organization I started like this college in general has just been giving me such bullshit that I’m just done. Good riddance.