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I’m just sad. Fuck birthdays.

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You all have no idea how it is where because my dad died at an early age because of cancer that I always have this fucking dread lingering in the back of my mind where I’m afraid I’m going to die young of cancer. It goes away for the most part but comes back every fucking birthday ugh. When am I gonna die? I wanna know!!!

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My mother was like birthdays after 21 are not “cis boom bah” but just “cis boom.” I feel like I want to be a CIS BOOM  from now on though haha.

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Eww I’m 22…

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Happy birthday to me…

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Now come the Facebook birthday wishes…

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I’m a Leo like fuck. What even.

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I love Lion King but we all know it is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Because of that, it has similarities where I can relate to it thematically and emotionally but not really personally. Then I saw the David Tennant and Patrick Stewart version of Hamlet and like wow. I related to it on a whole different level. Like throughout it I was like Hamlet, I know how you feel!!! It was really cool. He had adult emotions and actions I could relate to. Thanks Hamlet.

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Lion King means so much to me like holy shit. Mufasa dying and Simba having to deal with that pain and grow directly affected me when I was younger after my dad died. I’m just listening to the Lion King Broadway soundtrack and He Lives in You like makes me so emotional. I don’t know if my dad does live in me but he is the reason I am so active and about changing and destroying things. He was amazing and he is the cause of my righteous anger. 

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My mother asked me why I’m listening to “Jesus music” all the time and I’m just like mom you don’t understand Mississippi Delta  Blues at all.