I'm awkward but I think nice too. Ask me fun things if you want. Stay classy.

I need friends overall but I have a secret online support group for that. 

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I kind of want more baes so I’m not so needy to the ones I have. The idea is to spread the attention around so everybody’s happy. If anyone is interested in being a bae feel free to message me. I give out high fives a lot and like cheese, rock music, cats, and socialism.

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I’ve been telling all of my NB friends that I am currently non-binary and they have all been really supportive. I feel like I need their support or permission which is silly but like it’s a feeling.

So I’m a NB person. This is totally new but exciting in a way.

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I think I’m gonna use they in queer/friend spaces but he in public ones. I just don’t have the time or energy to explain this gender thing and get weird reactions.

I think I’m going to try out being genderqueer for a little while and see if it fits me to help move away from the negative body image I have. I want to explore gender and see what it does for me. I know a lot of my negative body image comes from how I view/viewed myself from the restrictive box of male masculinity. I wanna try out not having gendered expectations of my body. In general, like you can use they/your royal catness pronouns from now on.

Is there any way to make a men’s space or masculine people’s space to talk about issues men and masculine people face without it becoming extremely horrible and antagonizing women? I’d like to make that a thing but it’s so hard because among the men who want to talk about men’s issues are a lot of trolls and assholes.

I made a post on Facebook about my body image problems and a woman tried to make it about how women are treated in society. I shut that down quickly and respectfully but like don’t derail my post on body image. I get that that happens to women A LOT but don’t do it to me either ugh.

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The ironic thing is that I drive a Jeep and I think it’s a pretty good looking vehicle lolol.

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I always either feel bad about my body or just neutral. I just hide it because I have things to do and I know nobody cares lol. I’m just a cis man. I’m a jeep.