I'm awkward but I think nice too. Ask me fun things if you want. Stay classy.

I’ve created this online meta pun humor with gifs that nobody but me thinks is hilarious but it’ll  be considered high art in 100 years. Watch out!

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Tomorrow I start grad school, eww. *Zooms away into oblivion*

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I feel like it’s implied homophobia when you get women on this site who will say boys are dumb just date girls. This implies that sexuality is a choice which is an argument homophobes and biphobes have been using for years. People cannot choose what genders they are attracted to or not attracted to. I get that a bunch of guys are immature and stupid and if you don’t want to date them ok. Still, don’t promote dating or having sex with women just because boys/men are stupid.That takes away from lesbian and bisexual women who date other women because they are attracted to them. 

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We LGBTQIA+ people need like a hand signal or something to distinguish us amongst other LGBTQIA+ people in public because I was sitting eating lunch yesterday with some people and one of the girls just happened to be talking about working on a program for queer people in her church. I wait until the rest of the people at the table leave and say, “I am that.” She immediately caught on that I meant I was queer and she told me she was and that was a load off of my chest. If she was a straight ally, I guess that would not have been too bad either but like there has to be an easier way to reach out to other people you think are queer. We need a secret handshake or signal. Please.

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I soooo want a friends with benefits thing right now but either people just want to be friends or just want to date. I don’t want to date because I’m avoiding monogamy but it feels like that is the only way to go about sex these days. I guess I have to go sexless.

In 2 months it will be No Shave November and that is my favorite. Men, women, and NB people just stop shaving and it becomes a celebration of body hair positivity and I gain comrades for a month. I love it and I am excited. 

Girls either fetishize my beard or are disgusted by it. To the ladies who don’t shave and are criticized, I stand with you and hope to see you out in November struttin your stuff ;D 

Ugh we were at the bank and I had to show my license for something and the teller got to see what I looked like without a beard from my license picture. She’s like “Oh you used to look so cute.” Then she and my mother just go in on how cute I used to look and how if I cut my beard how nice I’d look. They also talk about how guys are supposed to grow their beards out in Winter then shave them in Summer. Apparently, facial hair is supposed to change with the seasons like leaves or something. Then the teller asks if the next time she sees me if I will have shaved by then. I sternly say, “No.” 

I don’t see myself cutting my beard for a long time. It has become a defining factor in who I am. It turns me from average to radical and disgusting. I love that. I also get a lot of anxiety thinking about cutting my beard. The last time I did it was 2 years ago for a job interview and I was so upset by that. I don’t ever want to shave my beard ever again. Fuck people telling you what they think of your body and wanting you to change your body.

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Tumblr: All body types are beautiful, body posi, we need more representation of marginalized body types in media

Tumblr: Falls in love with straight, white, conventionally attractive actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Dormer, and Tom Hiddleston. Shows only them most of the time.

I went to a Social Work workshop and found another queer person and made friends with them. What are the chances??? :)

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