My Twisted Gray Heart

My mother was dating a guy who said he had Erectile Dysfunction and he just didn’t care that much about it so my mother broke up with him. It totally sounds like he’s asexual but maybe it’s because he’s from an older generation that he doesn’t have a sexual label for himself. Maybe if he could label himself as asexual, he would have been able to find a partner who could accept that, unlike my mother.

I sometimes look at my semen in the toilet and I swear I can see it moving in the water and I feel like a proud parent almost.

I could smell the butter from the 4 croissants I ate today in my pee. Too much information at 3am.

My Pubic Hair…

It’s really curly. Like curlier than any pubes I’ve ever seen, porn or real life. In the shower, I I usually twirl it around my fingers. I have no idea if this is a turn on or turn off. I feel like if a girl sucked my dick, she could play with my pubes too. I think they’re fun.